Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is HeirAccess?
Answer: HeirAccess is a secure online digital storage platform that allows users to store sensitive information and have it released to their Heirs after their passing.

Question: Is my information safe?
Answer: Yes.  HeirAccess uses government-level security and instantly encrypts your information the moment you submit it. We use multiple layers of security including salted password hashing and database encryption to ensure that your information remains encrypted at all times within our system.  Even our top-level manager cannot view your information, EVER.  You set your own password when you create your account, and you are responsible for keeping that login/password information secure.  In the future we plan on integrating use with biometric phone apps to verify the identity of your heirs before your information is released (after you have passed). Read more about HeirAccess Security.

Question: How is HeirAccess better than putting my information in a safe?
Answer: Physical safes can be stolen, cracked, opened prematurely (don’t make your spouse mad!) or destroyed by fires and floods.  Also keeping information in a safe regularly updated can be time consuming and inconvenient, but updating your information online is fast, secure, and you can rest assured that your data will not be distributed prematurely.

Question: What are “Guardians”?
Answer: Guardians are your 3-5 trusted friends / family members / legal counsel who will be responsible for informing us and confirming your passing when the time comes.  Guardians do NOT have to also be listed as your Heirs, nor will Guardians have to pay anything, unless they voluntarily become Customers of HeirAccess as well.

Question: When will my information be released to my Heirs?
Answer: After your passing has been confirmed by at least two of your Guardians.  You may also optionally set a waiting period during which time we will attempt to contact you to make 100% sure you have passed and are not simply on vacation or incapacitated.

Question: How will HeirAccess know when I’ve passed away?
Answer: When one of your Guardians informs us that you have passed, we will attempt to contact you and your other Guardians to confirm.  Two or more Guardians must agree that you have passed before we will take further action.

Question: How much does this service cost?
Answer: Right now you can sign up for free as an early user, but once we launch the full system, we will offer a simple Lifetime Subscription for $149 regardless of current age.  If you recruit THREE or more additional customers, you will be refunded your subscription fee!

Question: What if one or all of my Heirs is deceased or incapacitated at the time of distribution (for example we both die in a car crash simultaneously)?
Answer: We will not distribute your information to anyone other than the Heirs you appoint.  If one or more of your heirs is inaccessible, the standard (slow) legal/probate system will dictate what to do with those assets.

Question: Does Heir Access replace or supercede my Will or other legally binding document?
Answer: No.  Your Will or Trust is still your primary source for legal distribution of your assets.  HeirAccess is designed to speed up the process of distribution and provide additional information to your Heirs.  If you elect to give your asset information to someone who is not your legal Heir using HeirAsset, those assets can be contested by the legal Heir and HeirAccess will cooperate with the authorities as required by law.  For example, if your Will states that your spouse gets your assets when you pass away, but you send your asset information to a friend using HeirAccess, that friend may not legally access your assets because they now belong to your spouse.  Illegal access is still considered theft and can be prosecuted by law.

Question: Can I give a Subscription to HeirAccess to my parents/spouse etc?
Answer: Yes!  We will sell gift cards for exactly this purpose.  If you are a likely Heir, this is a perfect gift to help yourself receive easier access to your rightful assets!