The secure HeirAccess system is still under development (this is just a preview site for early sign-ups), but rest assured that it will have the highest level of security you can imagine.  Without getting too technical, here are just a few of the features being built into the system:

1) Our servers are located in a secure data center, protected by enterprise-class firewalls and advanced security systems.  All core systems are regularly scanned.

2) We use AES-256 encryption, the strongest available.  We encrypt your passwords on your own computer so readable passwords and other sensitive information are never sent over the internet, not even to/from our own servers.

3) We don’t simply use your password to encrypt and decrypt your data, we actually use your password with 10,000 rounds of PBKDF2 to generate the mathematical key used to encrypt and decrypt your data.  Our system also adds randomly generated letters and numbers to the password hash, a process known as salting.  This is the most secure encryption process in the world.

4) We allow optional tw0-factor authentication.  Meaning every time you attempt to log into the system, you also get a text message with a unique code that you have to enter in order to gain access.  A criminal would have to not only learn your password, but also have access to your cell phone at the same time.

5) Of course we also use the best and latest SSL.  We were not, and are not affected by the so called “Heartbleed” bug.

In the future we plan on integrating our service with biometric devices including finger print scanners and retina scanners to add an even deeper level of security.


For those who simply do not trust the internet no matter what we say... you can still use the HeirAccess system as a triggering mechanism without entering any asset passwords.  All you have to do is write down the information you want to share with your heirs and put it in a safe place (for example inside of a safe with a combination lock) then simply use HeirAccess to distribute the combination of that safe to your heirs after your passing has been confirmed.  The information would be virtually useless to any potential hackers on the internet since they won’t have access to your safe, or probably even have any idea where it is.  This is not the optimal way to use the HeirAccess system, but it’s an option for those who remain sceptical of online security.